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Ministry of Culture and Sport Award 2015
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SHIFRA HORN – Israeli Author

Shifra Horn lives in Jerusalem and has a BA in Biblical Studies, Archeology and Communication. She is a journalist, lecturer and has worked as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Absorption.

Her Books:

Novels: Promenade a Deux , Four Mothers , The Fairest Among Women , Tamara Walks On Water , Ode to Joy

Non Fiction: Shalom Japan , Cats, A Love Story ,The New Zealand Experience

Childrens Book: The Perfect Pet, Not By Day And Not By NightA Feather of Love

“The intermingling of fact and storytelling has a plausibility not achieved since Isaac Bashevis Singer. This is all quite brilliant. The author almost persuades you that ghosts can, after all, be appeased.”

Independent on Sunday – London, June 2004

Horn has received many prizes both in Israel and other countries.Among them the Book Publishers Association Golden and Platinum Prizes for all her books. The WIZO FRANCE prize (2008) presented to her to her by Simone Veil, the WIZO-Israel prize and the Prime Minister’s Prize for Literature 2004 and the Bat-Yam Prize for Literature.

In 2006 she was awarded the Brenner Prize in Israel – one of the most prestigious prizes in Israeli literature- for ‘Ode to Joy’ as well as an important Italian prize (ADEI )for Jewish writers for the same title.

Her latest book ‘Promenade a Deux‘ won the Ministry of Culture and Sport Award 2015.

Among the University invitations accepted Horn has lectured at University College London , Cambridge University England ,Princeton University USA, University of Sienna italy, Hanoi University of Vietnam and University of Bombay, India.

Shifra has also participated in writers’ festivals around the world including England, India, Holland, Australia ,USA ,Turkey and New Zealand and has been a featured guest at the Paris and Turin International Book Fairs, as well as touring speaker in many major cities in Tuscany and Lombardy as recently as 2017.

Her books have been translated into English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Estonian, and Turkish.


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