This is a fun kind of mystery for very young readers, in which Yotam identifies and discovers the nature of his ideal pet. One day Yotam decides he wants a pet. He doesn’t know exactly what type, but he does know he wants something special- a pet that none of his friends have.

“I want a pet that is round,” he tells his mother.
His mother suggests a lady bug, but Yotam says that a lady bug is too small, and he wants a big pet.
“Maybe you would like an elephant?” his mother offers, but Yotam explain to his mother that elephant is too large.
“The pet I choose has to be quiet,” adds Yotam.
“Would you like a turtle?” Yotam’s mother asks?
But Yotam has always dreamed of a soft pet so a turtle is out of the question.
“Perhaps a hedgehog, with its furry tummy?”
Mother tries, but Yotam wants a pet that is all fur, not part spikes.

As a joke, his Mother suggests a spider, but Yotam rejects that idea, adding, “My pet has to be warm.” After his mother suggests a mouse. Yotam is almost ready to give up. And then one day he finds his perfect pet, and this happens in the most unexpected way 25 Pages-Published by Yediot Aharonot Books and Chemed Books 2001.


“The book was chosen as the recommended children’s book of the year by the Ministry of Education in Israel.”
 Adi Katz Maa’riv May 2001.

“A special fascinating book and accompanied by beautiful painting. This is a book that warms the heart with its simplicity and its softness. Cristina Kadmon is a very talented painter made the book into a piece of art that will appeal to anyone- young and old. I am speechless.”
Semadar Shir Yediot Aharonot May 2001


Illustrations: Cristina Kadmon
Publisher: Yediot Acharonot, Hemed Books
Year: 2001
Age: 5-11