Shifra Horn is available for the following lectures:

Between reality and imagination: The process of creating a novel, within a specific cultural context.

‘Ode to Joy’: A love story of loss and redemption during the second Intifada.

‘Promenade a Deux’: To write a novel from a point of view of a man.

Why do we write books? What are the reasons and condition that one needs in order to be a writer.

Jerusalem-the protagonist – what is the source of the power of the city that influences so many writers.

Real and Surreal Women of Jerusalem – from ‘Four Mothers’ and ‘The Fairest Among Women’.

The Interpretation of reality and Imagination in Horn’s writing of Magical Realism

Israeli view of two very different societies – Japan and New Zealand.

My life with the Maranos (the secret Jews of Portugal) – their discovery and renewed identity; told together with the story of my ancestors.